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Superstar Salespeople eBook

We’ve been focusing a lot on sales in our blogs over the past few months. And with good reason: as we all appreciate, sales are the lifeblood of every organisation. Our free eBook distills all of our recent material on sales into one convenient eBook. Content includes: Chapter 1: Hiring Superstar Salespeople What to look for in a top salesperson: 8 … Read More

Yes – Sales Training Can and Does Have an Impact

Old style sales: importance of sales training

I am always surprised that organisations frequently allocate funds to creating more stock and assets, improving their products or services, moving to new premises, and even increasing employee headcount. All of these things are important and should be in the growth plan of any business. But essentially, they don’t have a great impact on the sustainable growth, profitability, increased market share, … Read More

What keeps your prospects awake at night? How to sell by understanding

Prospects awake a night with alarm clock showing 3 am

For a salesperson, landing a plum deal feels fantastic. Many salespeople are driven by the thrill of the chase and feel on the top of the world when the prospect they’ve been working on for months finally signs off on the deal. I believe there’s something much better than that, though. It’s knowing you’ve helped someone sleep a little better … Read More

In defence of cold calling (just don’t be a zombie)

Cold calling zombie

Picture this: you’re a salesperson back in the pre-internet days. You spend your time sitting in front of the yellow pages and dialing your way through businesses that could… just maybe… be interested in your product or service. Or you could be wandering around an unknown neighbourhood, knocking on doors and hoping someone will at least listen to you for … Read More

Six attributes of top performing sales people

6 attributes of successful sales people

We’ve worked with many organisations recently to help them, among other things, take a long hard look at their sales performance. Hiring sales people is almost always a risk, and something that most managers or business owners have gotten wrong more than once. Often, sales people are great at selling themselves to potential employers. They seem to tick all the … Read More

ArcTree in the News! Alan Chambers talks about how ArcTree improves ROI

Alan Chambers of ArcTree with PD training

Alan Chambers, MD of ArcTree Consulting, was recently interviewed by The Australian about how they – along with partners PD Training – are disrupting recruitment. Even with LinkedIn, Seek and extensive information about candidates available online, employers are still only seeing a small part of the picture when they hire someone. ArcTree offers solutions throughout the full employee lifecycle, to … Read More

This is serious: Hiring salespeople without the big picture is costing you

Woman blindfolded illustrating hiring salespeople with limited knowledge

Here’s what usually happens when we’re hiring salespeople. We check their resume, looking for a strong background in sales. Ideally, they’ll have worked with some big names, closed some big deals, and exceeded their targets. We bring the most promising ones in for an interview and ask them a series of questions, such as: What was the most difficult sale … Read More

Your underperforming salespeople are costing you more than you realise

Pile of money

By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director If you read our latest case study last week, you would have seen how ArcTree helped an Australian capital goods supplier reverse their downward trend. One of the major ‘Aha!’ moments for this client was when we started to analyse the cost of his non-performing salespeople. While he’d been content (if somewhat stressed and … Read More

Case Study: ArcTree Consulting helps capital goods supplier reverse negative trend

ArcTree helps capital goods supplier reverse negative trend

Challenges An Australian capital goods supplier was struggling with diminishing sales, poor engagement and declining profitability. The owner knew he had to do something to stop the downward trend, so he contacted ArcTree Consulting to ask for help. When ArcTree asked about how the business was currently making strategic and people decisions, it became apparent that there was little science … Read More

Free eBook: ArcTree Guide to more productive, engaged and effective teams

effective teams eBook cover - with a group of meerkats on it!

Free Effective Teams eBook ArcTree Consulting’s latest eBook examines how LinkedIn’s top Australian employers are creating higher performing, more effective teams and improving productivity and retention. You’ll also learn about: What employees really want from Australia’s top employers The difference between employee wants and employer expectations Common team dysfunctions and how to remedy them Employee engagement in Australia and Maslow’s … Read More

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and employee engagement in Australia

Maslow and employee engagement

When we think about employee engagement, many of us think it’s one of those ‘nice to have’ things, that doesn’t have any significant tangible impact. However, according to Gallup and other sources, engagement has some startling effects on a number of different performance and productivity metrics. Gallup’s 2012 meta-analysis found that levels of employee engagement had the following effects on … Read More

How can you really know what your employees want?

Tug of war

If you studied Economics in High School or University, you’ll recall Karl Marx, who believed that capitalism was fundamentally flawed, and that the people who worked for capitalists were inherently oppressed. Working on repetitive tasks was, he believed, dehumanising – it disconnected people from the fruits of their labours and made them little more than cogs in a machine. It … Read More

7 things employees really want from Australia’s top employers

What employees really want: mother working from home with daughter

Last week, we took a look at LinkedIn’s new Top Attractors list, that lists the top employers across the world and in various countries, including Australia. Many of the factors mentioned by the top Australian employers quite clearly reflect what we already know about the ‘intangibles’ that employees really want at work, such as: Flexibility Meaning and purpose Opportunities for … Read More

What can we learn from LinkedIn’s top Australian employers?

Group of employees representing top Australian employers

Earlier this week, LinkedIn released its brand new ‘Top Attractors’ list, showcasing the world’s most desirable employers, and the top Australian employers, according to its data. They took a new and unique approach that didn’t focus on opinion polls and surveys, but rather, according to business journalist Suzy Welch, identified ‘the companies where people most eagerly want to land jobs, … Read More

Are your teams being derailed by lack of trust and commitment?

5 dysfunctions of a team

By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director One of  my clients told me a while ago about one of the first companies she ever worked for in a sales role, which had a serious problem with its people. She thought that the fact that the CEO was focused on individual results, rewarding those who achieved at the expense of others, most likely contributed. People … Read More

What are your teams crazily obsessed about?

dog with a ball

Creator of Dropbox Drew Houston was recently interviewed by the New York Times. One of the questions he was asked was: What’s your advice to new college grads? Here’s his answer: “I did the commencement speech for M.I.T. in 2013. I said that if I had a cheat sheet that I could give myself at 22, it would have three … Read More

Get your free Leadership Excellence eBook

Leadership eBook cover

By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director We’ve written a lot about leadership lately: how to avoid the most common leadership mistakes, how Emotional Intelligence impacts leadership, what to look for when you’re hiring a leader, and much more. We’ve distilled the best of these posts into the brand new Leadership Excellence eBook!. It’s crammed full of useful insights and advice on … Read More

Hiring a leader? Here’s 10 essential factors to look for.

Leadership consistency quote from Laszlo Bock

By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director Hiring people is difficult. Hiring great people is even harder. And perhaps the most difficult thing of all is hiring great leaders. In an ideal world, you would hire high potential people and, through a robust development program, identify and grow your own future leaders. However, in some cases, hiring externally is a business … Read More

8 common mistakes leaders make

8 leadership mistakes snippet

We work with many leaders at all levels of organisations. Often, they’re so busy managing their business, or area of the business, that they neglect their most important asset – their people. Leading people effectively is a skill that’s often developed over years and years of experience, usually with a few mistakes along the way. But the one thing that … Read More

Is emotional intelligence the most important leadership quality?

Emotional intelligence snippet

By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director Who is the best leader you’ve ever known personally? Chances are, it wasn’t someone who made you feel you had to do what they said… or else. Or someone who was incredibly experienced in their field but had poor people skills. Or the person you never actually saw because they were too busy doing … Read More