6 lessons for leading teams from Simon Sinek’s ‘Leaders Eat Last’

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As one of the most popular TED speakers in history, Simon Sinek knows a thing or two about effective leadership. In his book and TED talk Leaders Eat Last – his follow-on from Start With Why – he tells us how great leadership isn’t all about being in charge. It’s about empowering others to achieve things they didn’t believe were … Read More

The secret weapon that will get you better hires: data-driven interviews, part 2

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This is part 2 in a 2 part series. You can check out part 1 here. By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director   Last week, I talked about Ben, the salesperson you hired because he had the right background, skills and qualifications, and he interviewed brilliantly. After twelve months, however, Ben is one of your lowest earning salespeople. He’s bringing … Read More

The secret weapon that will get you better hires: data-driven interviews, part 1

By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director You need to hire a new salesperson. This person is going to be responsible for bringing in new customers and, in an ideal world, contributing to scalable, predictable revenue growth for your business. Ben applies and looks fantastic on paper. He’s been working for a remote competitor for the past 3 years and wants … Read More

Why don’t you get the full picture before you hire someone?

Man without a head indicating hiring someone without the full picture

Have you ever hired someone who looked brilliant on paper, interviewed well and then couldn’t perform? You’re not alone: more than 60% of managers say they’ve done exactly the same thing (and we think it’s really more than that, but people don’t want to admit it). If only there was a reliable way to cut through the fluff – all … Read More

Competing on Talent Analytics – Six Uses of Talent Analytics

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Do you think you know how to get the best from your people? Or do you know? How do investments in your employees actually affect workforce performance? Who are your top performers? How can you empower and motivate other employees to excel? Leading-edge companies are increasingly adopting sophisticated methods of analyzing employee data to enhance their competitive advantage. Google, Best … Read More

Engagement, Retention, and Culture now the #1 Issues in Talent and HR

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015 Josh Bersin by Deloitte Today, driven by shifts in both work ethos and the transparency of the job market, employee retention and engagement are now the #1 problems companies face. (3,200 respondents from over 100 countries) This is the third year we’ve done this study, and we looked at more than ten different trends in the … Read More

Top Ten Talent Acquisition Trends

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Ten Top Actionable Talent Acquisition Trends You know you will need to hire new employees in the new year—but are you ready? Will your competition out-engage you in your marketplace? And what will you do if you cannot find the talent you need when you need it? Manage Your Employment Brand: Your employment brand reflects your organisation and is your … Read More

Why do we recruit with such limited information?

Would you sign a contract agreeing to spend most of your waking hours with a person, after spending a mere 2-3 hours getting to know them? This kind of agreement is entered into regularly by people, based only on brief and superficial observations and hope – it’s called a job. When we recruit a new employee we are making a … Read More

Greta Roberts talks Predictive Analytics ROI

Q: In your work with predictive analytics, what areas of the workforce are you focused on? (i.e., optimizing workforce productivity, using big data to solve workforce challenges, building a workforce analytics driven culture, etc.)? A: Our predictive work focuses on what we call “high volume roles”. That is: Roles that have a lot of employees in the same role, performing … Read More

Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment

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By Jason Blaik Definition of EI The capacity to accurately measure an individual’s level of emotional intelligence has the potential to provide organisations with a significant competitive advantage. In its simplest form emotional intelligence has been defined as an individual’s ability to deal effectively with emotions. However, more detailed definitions of emotional intelligence differ depending on the model of EI and … Read More

How to avoid hiring a Mini-Me

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Recruitment By RACHEL NICKLESS – The Australian Financial Review Managers are inclined to hire people just like themselves: data can prove it – and help stop it happening where it is hurting the bottom line. So says Talent Analytics Corp chief executive Greta Roberts, who was visiting Sydney from her base in the US last week to explain how predictive … Read More

Five expert tips to bring your employee churn to a halt

Employee churn: woman tearing a paper contract

By Kirsten Robb The importance of finding the right employee from the start may seem like common sense, but is there a smarter way to reduce the time and money you spend hiring staff? The answer is data, according to Greta Roberts, chief executive officer and co-founder of Talent Analytics. Roberts says data can illustrate and even predict employee attrition, … Read More

Talent Analytics: A Crystal Ball For Your Workforce?

Big data: man standing in front of a blackboard full of equations

By Meghan M. Biro We’ve been listening to the buzz around Big Data and Talent Analytics for a couple of years now. It was nearly a year to the day that I wrote about why Big Data is HR’s new BFF. It has a lot of potential, Cloud-sized trove of information that, with the right algorithms and filters – can … Read More

Sell Me This Pen

The real lessons from ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ ARTICLE | MON, 05/26/2014 – 00:00 Charlie Brennan A recent blockbuster movie ended with this request: “Sell me this pen.” This seems to be an easy enough question to respond to. However, the answers can be far ranging and ineffective. Maybe the most appropriate response is, “I have something for you … Read More

3 Ways for Better Follow Up in Sales

MAY 7, 2014 BY LORI RICHARDSON Recently we posted about a study that showed the power and necessity of follow up in building relationships with buyers who ultimately do business with you. A startling fact, presented over and over in b2b studies shows thatmost sales reps do not follow up enough – despite the few we know of who seem to overcall – or follow up too … Read More

Example of a Sales Pitch Style Prospects Can’t Stand

AUGUST 14, 2013 BY JILL KONRATH Answering the question “What do you do?” seems like it would be easy, but it’s more difficult than you think – especially if you haven’t put much thought into how you would respond. Here’s one common sales pitch example that will send prospects running for the hills. The Rambler Sales Pitch Much as I dearly love … Read More

10 Questions To Start Your Week

JULY 21, 2013 BY S. ANTHONY IANNARINO   Here are ten questions to start your sales week with a rock solid plan. What live opportunities in your pipeline can you move forward this week?What actions will you need to take to move those opportunities forward? What commitments will you dream client need to make and what value do you have to create to gain … Read More

Want the meeting? Fix your message.

JUNE 21, 2013 BY BARBARA GIAMANCO Today’s sales people have a variety of communication channels available to help them reach prospects. Unfortunately, some sellers haven’t gotten the memo that we are long past the days of simply broadcasting a generic pitch. Technology has given rise to laziness. Sending 100 emails to the wrong people with the wrong message is not an effective prospecting … Read More

Salespeople – The Difference Between Over Achievers and Under Achievers

Understanding the Sales Force Current Articles | RSS Feed Dave Kurlan is a top-rated speaker, best-selling author, sales thought leader and highly regarded sales development expert. “I often post about overachieving and posted a comprehensive article on over achieving a few weeks back. I’ve also written about under achieving and, for the first time, want to draw some comparisons between … Read More