Nikki Watson

L&D Specialist

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Dynamic and a naturally curious person, Nikki possesses a unique blend of experience in business, management and advisory capabilities. Nikki’s background spans over 15 years of practical knowledge and experience in program, project and operational management, delivering consistently higher results for organisations.Nikki possesses a breadth of knowledge in the provision of specialist legal and policy advice, strategic planning and operational implementation of a range of significant matters in her former roles – including provision of specialist legal advice, drafting of subordinate legislation and statutory instruments and operational delivery and oversight of Australia’s then largest tariff trial involving smart meters in a joint project run by Energex and Ergon Energy

Recently shifting into training and facilitating of leadership and management skills, Nikki approaches every situation with strong business acumen, considering the business culture, social environment, those key objectives sought and activities that may impact delivery of those objectives. Nikki actively engages in building the capability and confidence of executive managers and senior leaders of a range of major organisations and companies, through training, facilitation and coaching services.