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Hiring the right people (talent acquisition)

You need top performers who will deliver results.

We can conduct the full recruitment process for you or simply parts of it. Whatever you choose, we’ll help you make sure you have the right candidates with unique, scientific insights into how they’ll perform before you make a critical decision.

The way you hire, manage, lead, reward, and treat people will impact all your HR, learning, and leadership programs and ultimately your organisational success. Think holistically and you’ll be amazed at what you can do. High-impact talent acquisition improves overall business outcomes with forward thinking and progressive organisations seeing on average 160% better business outcomes than organisations that do not employ a structured strategy.

Given that talent acquisition is a complex, multifaceted function with effects stakeholders across all levels of the organisation, it is essential that organisations and business leaders understand and execute the key performance drivers that propel an organisation toward excellence. Organisations that get it wrong are proven to see 51% of new employees having buyer’s remorse and 83% of those individuals leave their employer in the first year. So we must make sure we are authentic, honest, and clear about whom we want to recruit. Culture and fit are just as important if not more so than technical ability, time in role and education.

It is fact that organisations at the lowest levels of performance show a correlation between poorly performing employees, low retention, poor productivity and are seen to typically use a more inconsistent approach that is often managed at the business-unit level by HR generalists, while organisations with high levels of sustainable performance have wholly upgraded their Talent Acquisition approach, culture and functions, which are seen as strategic enablers of the ongoing business success.

The bottom line is this: without a focus on making your workplace “great,” your employment brand will suffer. When your engagement and culture is strong AND YOU HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE WHO FIT, attracting the right talent and delivering better and more sustainable organisational results becomes easier and more cost effective.

Today more than ever, an integrated and strategic talent management approach touches and affects everything.

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