This is serious: Hiring salespeople without the big picture is costing you

Woman blindfolded illustrating hiring salespeople with limited knowledge

Here’s what usually happens when we’re hiring salespeople. We check their resume, looking for a strong background in sales. Ideally, they’ll have worked with some big names, closed some big deals, and exceeded their targets. We bring the most promising ones in for an interview and ask them a series of questions, such as: What was the most difficult sale … Read More

Case Study: ArcTree Consulting helps capital goods supplier reverse negative trend

ArcTree helps capital goods supplier reverse negative trend

Challenges An Australian capital goods supplier was struggling with diminishing sales, poor engagement and declining profitability. The owner knew he had to do something to stop the downward trend, so he contacted ArcTree Consulting to ask for help. When ArcTree asked about how the business was currently making strategic and people decisions, it became apparent that there was little science … Read More

Free eBook: ArcTree Guide to more productive, engaged and effective teams

effective teams eBook cover - with a group of meerkats on it!

Free Effective Teams eBook ArcTree Consulting’s latest eBook examines how LinkedIn’s top Australian employers are creating higher performing, more effective teams and improving productivity and retention. You’ll also learn about: What employees really want from Australia’s top employers The difference between employee wants and employer expectations Common team dysfunctions and how to remedy them Employee engagement in Australia and Maslow’s … Read More