Hiring a leader? Here’s 10 essential factors to look for.

Leadership consistency quote from Laszlo Bock

By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director Hiring people is difficult. Hiring great people is even harder. And perhaps the most difficult thing of all is hiring great leaders. In an ideal world, you would hire high potential people and, through a robust development program, identify and grow your own future leaders. However, in some cases, hiring externally is a business … Read More

6 lessons for leading teams from Simon Sinek’s ‘Leaders Eat Last’

Simon Sinek leadership

As one of the most popular TED speakers in history, Simon Sinek knows a thing or two about effective leadership. In his book and TED talk Leaders Eat Last – his follow-on from Start With Why – he tells us how great leadership isn’t all about being in charge. It’s about empowering others to achieve things they didn’t believe were … Read More