What keeps your prospects awake at night? How to sell by understanding

Prospects awake a night with alarm clock showing 3 am

For a salesperson, landing a plum deal feels fantastic. Many salespeople are driven by the thrill of the chase and feel on the top of the world when the prospect they’ve been working on for months finally signs off on the deal. I believe there’s something much better than that, though. It’s knowing you’ve helped someone sleep a little better … Read More

Six attributes of top performing sales people

6 attributes of successful sales people

We’ve worked with many organisations recently to help them, among other things, take a long hard look at their sales performance. Hiring sales people is almost always a risk, and something that most managers or business owners have gotten wrong more than once. Often, sales people are great at selling themselves to potential employers. They seem to tick all the … Read More

This is serious: Hiring salespeople without the big picture is costing you

Woman blindfolded illustrating hiring salespeople with limited knowledge

Here’s what usually happens when we’re hiring salespeople. We check their resume, looking for a strong background in sales. Ideally, they’ll have worked with some big names, closed some big deals, and exceeded their targets. We bring the most promising ones in for an interview and ask them a series of questions, such as: What was the most difficult sale … Read More

Your underperforming salespeople are costing you more than you realise

Pile of money

By Alan Chambers, ArcTree Managing Director If you read our latest case study last week, you would have seen how ArcTree helped an Australian capital goods supplier reverse their downward trend. One of the major ‘Aha!’ moments for this client was when we started to analyse the cost of his non-performing salespeople. While he’d been content (if somewhat stressed and … Read More