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Talent Analytics

Way back in 2014, Forbes HR writer Meghan M Biro spoke of talent analytics as ‘a crystal ball for your workforce’.

What she meant was that talent analytics can now give us incredibly powerful, scientific and objective data about the people we’re considering hiring, and the people we’ve already hired.

Previously, hiring and performance management have been more art than science, but talent analytics changes all of that. And when you’re making incredibly serious business decisions, such as who to bring in to your team and how to best develop the people you have, why wouldn’t you use all of the concrete, objective data available at your fingertips?

One of our favourite applications of talent analytics is the insight it can give you into the whole person. When you’re hiring, this is critical: while people who want the job may be very skilled at telling you what you want to hear, how can you be certain that they really have the attitudes, values, behavioural traits and aptitudes to drive your business forward?

The iceberg analogy

If you think of a person like an iceberg, there are many attributes we all possess and exhibit that are a lot harder to evaluate than simply reading a resume, conducting an interviewing, or undergoing a performance review, as they are less tangible, or ‘below the waterline’.

Our talent analytics tools are specifically designed to accurately measure and report on those beneath the surface attributes, to help you recruit smarter, manage better and develop more effectively.

So, for example, when you’re hiring someone, what you can easily see really only adds up to 10% of their potential performance. The other 90% relies on factors ‘below the waterline’ that, without the proper tools, you won’t discover until it’s too late.

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