Over the years I have heard numerous stories of candidates setting themselves up for failure when applying for jobs or when interviewing with their potential new employer; whether they mean to or not is another question. I want to share some tips with you on self-management, help you survive the job hunt and the numerous interviews you will no doubt will go through while on the search for your next big adventure.



A resume tells your professional story and should be no longer than 2 – 2.5 pages. You should incorporate keywords you will find in the job description for the role you want, be consistent in your formatting and layout and I believe reverse chronological order is the best option when knowing what to list first.

Your resume should include:


  • Your personal details: your email and contact number, you would be surprised how many resumes I have seen without a current contact number.

  • Summary / Objective – a short sentence or two summarising your goal from your job search, this should be reflective of the specific role you are applying to so make sure this is updated before submitting your application for the next role.

  • Education / Qualifications – list relevant qualifications and certifications/completed courses. Do not list qualifications you have not completed, this doe not add value at all; if anything it detracts value.
  • Skills: list both soft and hard skills
  • Career History – (in reverse chronological order of course) this should show what you were responsible for and in charge of,  including tenure and any relevant / important achievements for each position you held.
  • Activities / Hobbies: A great opportunity to share more about who you are as a person and not just what you are professionally capable of doing.


  • References: References should not be carried out without you knowing so technically are not needed so you can refer to “References provided upon request”, however if you are wanting to list your references three is enough.

Stay tuned for Part 2 to be released shortly.