How can you really know what your employees want?

Tug of war

If you studied Economics in High School or University, you’ll recall Karl Marx, who believed that capitalism was fundamentally flawed, and that the people who worked for capitalists were inherently oppressed. Working on repetitive tasks was, he believed, dehumanising – it disconnected people from the fruits of their labours and made them little more than cogs in a machine. It … Read More

7 things employees really want from Australia’s top employers

What employees really want: mother working from home with daughter

Last week, we took a look at LinkedIn’s new Top Attractors list, that lists the top employers across the world and in various countries, including Australia. Many of the factors mentioned by the top Australian employers quite clearly reflect what we already know about the ‘intangibles’ that employees really want at work, such as: Flexibility Meaning and purpose Opportunities for … Read More