An Australian capital goods supplier was struggling with diminishing sales, poor engagement and declining profitability. The owner knew he had to do something to stop the downward trend, so he contacted ArcTree Consulting to ask for help.

When ArcTree asked about how the business was currently making strategic and people decisions, it became apparent that there was little science behind their approach. Often, critical decisions were made by a group of non-executive directors, with no involvement in the day-to-day running of the business. It was a largely subjective and expensive process that wasn’t yielding any tangible return on investment.

Their salespeople weren’t performing, people were unhappy and fighting amongst themselves, and their EBITD was continuing to decline.

“We found ArcTree to be extremely committed to delivering project outcomes, becoming embedded in our business and seeking to understand our needs. They became our trusted advisors who were focused on our success and always available to help.”

How ArcTree Consulting helped

ArcTree scientifically examined every aspect of the business and highlighted issues across teams, structures, processes and communications.

Using the 4 key pillars of their approach, ArcTree Consulting used talent analytics to better understand how each person across the business operated.

Their Human Resources branch helped the business to restructure as smoothly as possible in accordance with all relevant legislation to ensure they had the right people in the right jobs.

They delivered tailored learning & development workshops to up-skill staff, particularly salespeople, to help them develop a more customer-centric approach.

And they helped the business set in place robust, scientific processes for identifying and hiring the best people to move their business forward.

Results and Return on Investment

By aligning with the business owner and understanding what he wanted, ArcTree Consulting has helped the organisation reverse the negative trend in their finances and profitability.

There’s no longer bickering and in-fighting amongst their salespeople: at each workshop ArcTree delivers, the teams are working more cohesively and collaboratively, and focused on the bigger picture and understanding their clients’ needs.

And customer satisfaction has improved because customers are now dealing with more well-trained people who genuinely care about their outcomes.

“As well as helping our business become more profitable, as a result of working with ArcTree, our employees are happier and more productive, which has positive effects for our ROI and our bottom line.

We’ve also noticed a large shift in incremental sales: previously we were selling a lot of consumables and very few bigger value items. Now that our sales people are becoming trusted advisors who have a greater maturity of thought when dealing with clients, they’re being invited to tenders and asked for advice by our clients.”

On top of this, the owner has more time now to take a step back and work on the business itself, rather than spending time on day-to-day management. He believes this has helped him improve his quality of life by reducing his stress levels and helping him feel more positive and optimistic.

“ArcTree has the ability to take a top-line strategic level view of our business and understand its challenges intelligently and scientifically. They delivered a project plan that overcomes those challenges in a robust and timely fashion to drive strategic outcomes.”

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