We’ve been focusing a lot on sales in our blogs over the past few months. And with good reason: as we all appreciate, sales are the lifeblood of every organisation.

Our free eBook distills all of our recent material on sales into one convenient eBook.

Content includes:

Chapter 1: Hiring Superstar Salespeople

  • What to look for in a top salesperson: 8 traits of the best performers
  • How you can significantly improve your salesperson hiring process by getting more scientific, accurate and valuable information up front before it’s too late – and the costs of not doing so.

Chapter 2: Managing Superstar Salespeople

  • The obvious and not-so-obvious costs of underperforming salespeople, and how you can remedy them
  • The impact and efficacy of sales training in today’s workplace.

Chapter 3: Superstar Sales Performance

  • What keeps your prospects awake at night? How to sell by understanding: the latest and most effective solution selling principles
  • In defence of cold calling: just don’t be a zombie. Cold calling still has a valuable place in any sales process. Here are some tips for approaching it like a pro and getting the best results.

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