Woah, your time and efforts have paid off.  Your resume was awesome, you interviewed really well in the last four (4) interviews, and as such, you have managed to unlock all four (4) locked gates thus far!  Well done to you! 

You are now standing in front of what should be a relatively insignificant gate for you to open. Gate 5, the medical test.  

For most people, this gate should be nothing more than a formality on the journey to your new dream job.  This is because the role you have applied for either: 

  1. Does not require a medical test, or 
  2. You are the kind of squeaky-clean person who does not drink, or do drugs, hasn’t ruined their hearing visiting concerts and nightclubs or being exposed to other sources of excessive noise.  You are strong as an ox, and you have not played any contact sports damaging your back, neck or knees.  
medical test
  1. However, for some, depending on the role being applied for, this gate could have a serious impact on their ability to continue on the journey to their next dream job.  This is a moment of careful contemplation, a moment to think about your lifestyle choices, as your next dream job may require depend on it.  You may be required to undertake a stringent physical fitness test and/or even a drug and alcohol test to ensure your body is free from these indulgences before you will be allowed to conduct the role at a given work site/environment.  For example, in Australia, most mine sites have regular drug and alcohol screening/testing on-site, with a zero-tolerance policy.  Any elevated levels (prescriptive or otherwise) of unaccepted substances could see you removed from the site without any questions asked.

As part of your preparation, and being a consummate professional, you should already have a good awareness of the accepted physical requirements of the given industry/role you have applied for, as well as the relevant drug and alcohol tolerance levels for your said industry/role that you need to adhere to.

Not wanting to preach on private lifestyle choices, it will be easier for you to land your next dream job if there is no discussion about any possible raised substance markers (such as recreational drugs or alcohol) in your test results.  Given we only have one body, you typically only get a single shot at acing this test. It would be best for you to :


  1. Be in the best physical shape you can be, and 
  2. Be as clean as you can be for as long as you can be before the examination to improve your chances of nothing being flagged as an ‘issue’ this late in your job application journey. 
  3. If in doubt, please speak out, as this will work in your favour.  There is nothing worse for all involved if a test result is a ‘surprising’ “negative” result!

On the presumption that you either don’t have any physical test requirements or you aced this, your next step on your journey to your next dream job is Gate 6 – the psychometric evaluation.

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